Ways to Make the Most of Apartment Kitchen Space

As you select an apartment to rent, you want to have as much space as possible. In the kitchen, you want space to eat, entertain, and prepare meals. Learn what to look for in apartment spaces and how to take advantage of all the available space.

Islands and Stools

When you rent an apartment, one of the biggest space fillers is a dining room table. Not only does a table take up a lot of space, but chairs do as well. Consider apartments with built-in islands as opposed to traditional tables. The height of an island allows you to prepare meals and act as a multi-function area in the kitchen. Tall stools may tuck underneath the island when not in use and give you extra space in the kitchen. The island itself might have a built-in sink and extra storage options for cookware, plates, and other kitchen needs. If the island has a large cabinet, you could use the space to put your trash can. You will save a lot of space without the trash can out in the open. The island acts as a centerpiece to the kitchen and helps separate an open floor plan many apartments have.

Closet Options

Look into the closets featured in the apartment. If the bedroom and living room have their own closets, then consider the use of a hallway closet for a food pantry option. A food pantry will help eliminate clutter and cabinet space inside the kitchen. You could install shelves and racks in the closet to keep the pantry area organized. With the closet space, you can store everything you need and not worry about filling up your other cabinets and counters. The reduction of clutter makes a big difference as you try to make the kitchen space feel large and open. Baskets or small plastic boxes help you keep smaller items organized. A closet could also hold other cooking tools, including mixers, blenders, and appliances like bread makers.

Cooking Equipment

Most apartments will already come with a stove, oven, and microwave, but you may rely on other appliances to cook meals. Try to limit the appliances you need to help save space and allow the counter to remain clear. For example, you may have a toaster and a toaster oven. A toaster oven makes more than just toast and could replace the toaster oven. Choose your favorite appliances to keep out and keep others in storage until you need them. For example, you may only use a waffle maker during special brunches you plan. Do not waste valuable kitchen space with the waffle maker. Also, keep track of the outlets available in the kitchen. You do not want to extend cords across the counters and take up unnecessary space.

Hanging Options

One way to make the most out of a smaller kitchen area is with hanging options. A hanging pot rack allows you to organize your pots, pans, and lids all in a single location. The bulky pans take up a lot of cabinet space. When you hang the pots, you will save the space and have easy access to the pots when needed. Wall shelves allow you to store jars, shakers, and extra items for easy access. Some shelves may feature open options for items. Other shelves may have specific uses. For example, you could have a spice rack installed on a wall to hold all of your spices. With a kitchen space, creativity allows you to organize items, save space, and make the most out of the area.