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We’re an organization that prioritizes meeting budget and timeline expectations for our clients. We cultivate expertise in maximizing individual performance, ensure all processes are set up proactively, and provide streamlined administrative operations–and marketing!

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New Property Development

We provide exceptional property management services for core real estate assets, with a focus on meeting or exceeding budget and timeline expectations for new development and stabilized owned properties.

Property Management

We specialize in property management for new development properties and/or stabilization of previously owned properties. Our employees are trained to develop expertise in maximizing individual and team performance. We hope to provide our residents with a one-of-a-kind community experience.

Client Management

PRAXM has spent the last decade perfecting its multifamily real estate management platform. Our team focuses on one asset class and builds an operation’s efficiency around it, giving us deeper resources in each market where we operate as landlords with personal investment goals similar to our partners’. There is more competition than ever before chasing yield; however, if you want to stand out from the crowd, focusing solely on your core competencies will do wonders for positioning yourself above all others!

Vendor Management

Vendor management is an essential aspect of property management. We work hard at PRAXM to establish top-tier suppliers, vendors, service providers, and contractors. To support the communities we operate, we work with local vendors and supplies whenever possible.

Onsite Leasing

PRAXM ensures that all processes are set up and managed proactively. We strive to provide the most streamlined administrative and marketing operations possible so that the primary focus for on-site leasing and management teams can be to provide the highest level of sales performance combined with the highest level of prospect and resident engagement possible.